I’m Lee Densmer, the content marketer behind Globia. Globia was born from my belief in the power of content to improve everyone’s quality of life and bring potential customers closer to your brand at the same time.



“Bia” is a word from Greek mythology for the personification of force. The combination of “globe” and “bia” means “a force for the world.”



More important than its literal definition, Globia’s greatest source of meaning comes from the impact on the world of providing useful, relevant, and important information to people in multiple languages.

What people say
about working with me

How I help

Globia helps small B2B marketing teams convert global customers with expert content strategy, precise editorial management, top-notch content development and comprehensive translation planning.

What I bring

  • 10 years of content marketing experience at SaaS and service companies – strategy, planning, and content development
  • A lifetime of writing experience – blog posts, case studies, ebooks, social snippets, video scripts, emails, and landing pages
  • 23 years of experience in the translation and localization industry
  • Multicultural experience and passion for global adventure – I was born In Peru and have lived, studied, worked and/or traveled in 8 Spanish-speaking countries

How I work

  • I listen. Before we engage, I spend time listening to what your needs, goals, and struggles are and come back to you with a proposal that outlines how I think I can help.
  • I communicate. I set regular touch base meetings to track progress and collaborate. Each stage comes with a deliverable like a .ppt or a .doc report. I check in regularly to make sure our work aligns with your goals.
  • I collaborate. I work with my clients towards a common goal. When I sign on, I’m committed to your success. Building relationships are important to me. 
  • I’m flexible. We can adjust what you need along the way. I get that work always evolves and needs change.
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