Complete Handbook for Building a High-Performing Content Marketing Team

You’re committed to starting a content marketing program but don’t have the team to execute. Hiring can be overwhelming.  This is a complete handbook that outlines:


  • What roles you need to hire
  • When to bring them on board
  • Where to find qualified candidates
  • What skills they need
  • How much they cost

The guide also includes job descriptions for all the roles.

How to Build a Content Marketing Plan for Your Top-value Buyers

Drive leads and grow your business with a solid content marketing strategy that engages and educates your top-value buyers.  In this free guide you will learn how to:


  • Understand what makes your top-value buyers tick
  • Figure out what topics you need to write about
  • Identify what content types will perform the best
  • Map your content to their stage in the buyer journey
  • Create a content calendar and plan production
  • Distribute and promote your content

Your Straightforward Guide to Global Content Marketing

This guide will be a key resource for you if you’re going global and need to know how to best use content to engage your new market. In the guide you will learn:


  • What global content marketing is
  • Why you need a global content marketing strategy
  • The elements of a global content strategy
  •  How to understand the buyers in your new market
  • Various approaches: translation v. localization v. in-country copywriting
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Fill out this form to download the Ebook