Style guide template

Use this to create a guide for your writers on how to create content so your brand sounds the way you want it to.  The template has sections for voice/tone information, mechanics and grammar rules, a list of no-use words, guidance on inclusive language, and a section for do / don’t examples

Guide for creating inclusive content

Use this quick guide to make sure the content you write uses inclusive language. Doing this acknowledges diversity, conveys respect for everyone, helps avoid legal issues, and is just the right thing to do.

Bottom-of-funnel blog post creative brief template

Use this template to build a creative brief for bottom-of-funnel blog posts.  It includes the elements this type of blog post must have to be effective at the conversion or purchase stage of the journey.

content team

Content team or agency onboarding checklist

Use this checklist to provide your new content team – whether an agency, new hire, or freelancer – with all the resources, instructions, and references they need to write great content for you.

Blog post update checklist

Use this file to update low-performing blog posts.  It considers elements like title, metadescription, keywords, and content.

SEO blog post checklist

Use this checklist to make sure your blog posts are optimized for SEO. (It’s not just about making sure the keywords are in there.)

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